CodeMash 2008 – In Review

The conference was awesome! I met some more cool people and got a chance to catch-up a little with some friends I met from last year. I did not get to attend as many sessions as I had hoped because I was debugging the robot (Feynman-JR) before my presentation, but did get a chance to attend SilverLight, JRuby, Scala, and Groovy sessions.

It seems to me that the big thing was other languages built on top of either the .Net CLR or the Java VM. Iron Python, Iron Ruby, Jython, JRuby, and Scala. These dynamic languages taking hold in the footprint/platform of .Net or Java is seeming to be the place where technology will be moving in the next few years. The term for this is Polyglot. Neal Ford (blog) gave a nice talk on this in his Keynote, we'll see what happens for next year.

Moving forward for 2008 I will continue working with Ruby/JRuby and I will update this blog with snips and tips.