Goals for 2008

I was really thinking hard about going back to school for 2008 to get my Masters degree and then on to get my PHD. I mean I was really thinking hard about it. I visited professors at Franklin and Ohio State to talk about Computer Science and Computer Engineering/Robotics. In the end my thoughts are 5 years is an awfully long time to spend at something that you are not sure you would want to do (i.e. Work in Academia), combined with the time and dollar commitment to do it “right” I decided to forgo school for now.

Instead I have 3 goals for the year:

  1. Get in Shape – I am going to stop talking about it and actually do it this year.
  2. Build something useful – Meaning I want to build some software that people use, I will give it away and not make any money on it, but I want people to use it.
  3. Learn Afrikaans – I really need to learn this language, and hopefully with Emily’s help I will do just that.