Web 3.0 – Where's the data?

I have been looking tonight about what people are saying about Web 3.0. I have found one common theme.

  • Web 1.0 – Small number of content providers, large number of readers, data proprietary.
  • Web 2.0 – Users provide content via social network, data proprietary, but available via API, syndication is apart of data delivery to users. Problem if I create a LinkedIn friend and Facebook friend, I need to add the friend twice.
  • Web 3.0 – Web 2.0 plus, content owners share data. Users use and share information via small portable applications, new applications arrive and disappear with no loss of information. Because there will be so much information exchanged, the networks will need to be much much faster than those today.

Just a few thoughts about the future of the web…

Updated (2/14/2008)

I went to a Ruby meeting the other night and head a talk about Amazon's Web Services. It was much along the lines of Web 3.0 in which everything, even server provisioning, is enabled via web services. This gave me an idea, that everything is eventually going to be service, enabled. Imagine this scenario.

I have some software (AppGin) that creates code and it eventually will be able to create code via an API. So let's say you have a program, it creates some code then deploy's it to a server that it provisions on the fly via another web service. This server eventually gets enough knowledge to modify it self, update it's own code via AppGin, and is able to maintain itself, self and adapt to change. Then if it needs to grow to accomidate more usage, it deploys another copy of itself via the server provisioning web service…