Language Uses & Editor Struggles

I was struggling for a bit on languages, which one to use, there are so many, do I use PHP, Ruby, Groovy, Python, or Jython or JRuby. I have settled on them let me summarize:

  • PHP - All my web programming will be in this language and my own custom framework.
  • Java - All my AI & Robotics programming will be in this language, one because of legacy code, two because of editor support (Eclipse) and three because of performance.
  • Groovy - All my robotics scripting will be in Groovy since it’s essentially Java and it’s easy to do simple stuff in Groovy.
  • *Ruby - All simple scripts, basic automation, parsing of CSVs creating & manipulation of text, etc.

The problem though comes in an editor, I am struggling a bit because I like Eclipse IDE. it’s easy to do stuff in CVS or SVN, it’s great at organizing my Java & Groovy projects, and PHP support is OK in the latest version of PHP Eclipse, but Ruby support via the DynamicTools is not so good and the code formatter looks/works better in Easy Eclipse. Also I want to start using VIM but I think I am stuck in this IDE mindset and I find it tough to shake it…


* The more I use Groovy, the more natural it feels. I think I will do this. I will use VIM for Ruby and other languages.