VMWare Another Great Thing…

I have been building PC's and transferring information around for a long time but over the past few weeks I have been reading about some free VMWare products and one really awesome product called VMWare Converter. We used this product to convert my wife's old XP machine to a VMWare machine, so she could run it on her Mac with VMWare Fusion.

I also installed and started to use Ubuntu JEOS (Just Enough OS) on a VMWare Server instance. I think I will use these to replace my older Athlon XP Machines (they will die soon I feel.)

So if you want another machine, but don't want to transfer it, I recommend these steps:

  1. Strip down old machine (i.e. remove media files, and uninstall unneeded software.
  2. Download and run VMWare converter.
  3. Copy virtual machine image created by converter to another drive.
  4. Install VMWare Player on new machine, and then run your old machine. (Warning: Windows might require you to reactivate your machine because the hardware has changed significantly.
  5. Install UBUNTU on your old machine and turn it into a server or spare browsing machine.