So Sick of Vista — Downgrade #2

I built my Media Center PC about 1 year ago, for the most part, it has set dormant because Vista would not work. A few weeks ago I tried it again, and I thought everything was working fine, until last night, I got 4 blue screen of deaths. It also seems that it does not remember my HDMI monitor too well. I have to tell it to switch to HDMI everytime I load the comptuer.

One Note: I did not have so many issues with my Dell D820. I think this is because hardware has not caught up with the OS, in any case I have to now downgrade a Windows Ultimate to Media Center XP.

Update 3/19/2008

I went to Install Service Pack 1, and guess what, it error’d out. So I decided to install XP Media Center from my MSDN subscription and all of the ISO’s are missing required install files. So I went to install UBUNTU, it failed, and I went to install FEDORA8 and it failed. I am thinking the hardware on this machine might be the root of my problems. I will start removing hardware tonight and get to the bottom of the problems… Maybe I can install Vista after all…