E-Myth Revisited – A Review

I enjoyed reading this book, though after about a few chapters I started to get the feeling I was listening to a therapist rather than a business coach.

This book is heavy into the psychology of starting and running a business. It’s about the way you think and how you mindset changes from someone that’s conditioned as a “worker/employee/technician” to someone that’s an “owner/employer/entrepreneur”.

It changes your mindset from thinking about a product/service business to thinking of a business as the product/service. For some people this might be the shift they need to make it work. But fundamentally the definition of business does not change, no matter how you say it. Though changing how you say it, might make a difference to people.

The definition of a business used in the book is about a system/process of solving problems for people/customers in such a way that it’s repeatable and systematized so that it can function without any single person of talent and it can be automated to the point that the system of solving problems for people can function on it’s own. The key is that the problem, the product, the solution does not matter, it’s the system that’s important, then you switch out the product/service accordingly.

But even though I enjoyed the book, the over emphasis on psychology was kind of a distraction since I don’t like social science all that much, but I suppose that when dealing with people/business employing this branch of “science” is a requirement.

The other thing about the book that sort of get’s me, it’s a sales pitch for franchises.