Book Review – The Four Hour Work Week

I purchased this book after much searching about my business and questioning the effort I was spending doing everything form development, to marketing to managing, to admin, to everything that a small business person has to do.

On first read I thought the book was some idealized way of thinking, but for the heck of it I tried a few things, like virtual assistants, eLance, and so on. I ended up canceling the virtual assitants, firing my contractors on eLance and scratching my head…

Then a few weeks ago out of the blue, I started talking to someone over a few beers and found myself preaching the very same things that were in the book. So I picked it up and started to re-read it, this time with less skepticism and found I could relate to the thoughts more.

I recommend you get this book on audio and then skim the book vs. reading from cover to cover, each time you open it look for one thing you want out of the book and find the section, read it well, then if you can listen to that section. Another way that works well, listen to the book on a long drive, then go back and read the section or two…

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