South Africa Day 0 – Travel to Cape Town

I am in the last hour of my flight, let me recap our last 24 hours.

The morning was hectic, had to get up at 7AM to take the dog to Pet Palace. I made it there, signed him up for one-on-one play time at an extra $4.75 per day on top of an already $35 a day price tag. I was thinking, man I hope mom feels better soon, otherwise this is going to be an expensive trip. But I dropped him off and he was off and seem to forget about me as one of the girls walked him to the back with a cookie.

Once back to the house we had a few errands to run, post office, bank (they were closed for Martin Luther King Day on Monday), then to call a taxi. The taxi arrived and we were off to the airport. We got there a little early but that was nice because there were NO lines and there was time to eat breakfast.

Once at JFK we made our way to the business class lounge. Man this was much nicer than I thought, free beverage of choice, and snacks. We relaxed here for an hour or so before making our way to boarding. We were the second to board then we made our way to our Delta Business Elite seats.

The seats and service ROCKS! Maybe Delta is better than SAA, maybe it’s the Business Class. The seats reclined fully; I actually recall getting a 2 hour nap on the 1st leg to Dakar, and sleeping for a full 5+ hours on the 2nd leg. I only watched one movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth, which would have been much cooler in 3D, but it was still entertaining.