South Africa Day 3 – Mall, Data Card, and Seafood

Windhock BeerToday we slept until 10AM again, we had breakfast at Mr. Price and went to the mall to buy more time for our phone and purchase some megabytes for the data card. Now I am back at the house looking to write a little and keep myself from taking a nap.

The weather outside is low 80s, and sunny. So I sat next to the pool and played a little on my blogs (this site) and I am having a cold African beer, Windhock Lager. The beer is crisp for a lager and does not have that after taste of bud or miller. Though one thing is funny the Miller Genuine Draft down here is surprisingly good, but it’s brewed different in SA than it is in America. I can’t stand it back home, but don’t mind it at all down here.

For dinner we had calamari, shrimp and slop chips (lightly fried potatoes).