South Africa Day 7 – Plane Ride to JoBurg

Today we went to see our friends, Angelique and Stuart. We have not called Stu yet but hope to see him later in the week. The plane ride was fine, I started reading a book by Clive Cussler called Iceberg.

One thing I did not realized that Clive actually does salvage ships for an agency called NUMA. Very cool, perhaps I should start writing books about some computer hacker that goes on covert missions for the FBI and such… Hmmm…

After we arrived we went to some wish a friend a happy birthday, out to eat, then to the stoep for some red wine. I must say we went to bed a lot earlier than the last time we arrived on Angelique’s stoep. A year ago we made it to bed around 4:30AM, 5:00AM.