South Africa Day 16 – To Addo Elephant Park

We slept in a little this morning, we were in no big rush to get to Addo because check-in time was going to be the afternoon and it was only an hour or so drive from Port Elizabeth.

After we arrived at hour chalet and we unpacked, we went for a short game drive. The first part of the trip we saw Wart Hog, Eland, and Kudu. The second part was filled with large game. Three elephants and one water buffalo and a wildebeest .

We also saw a stupid European tourist, get out of his car and want to take a picture with the elephants. This is VERY DANGEROUS because one, it’s evening and time for feeding, and second because the park has Lions, and third because we were right next to all kinds of bush which were perfect ambush spots. We even had an elephant sneek up on us (left), imagine what a lion would have done if it had been around and been hungry… Euro-Lunch…

Dinner was not too good. For those of you ever traveling to Addo Elephant Park, please don’t eat at the restaurant. The chalets are self-catering, so stop in town at a Pick-N-Pay get a few days of food and bring your own.