Things I Miss and Things I Don't

After being gone for three weeks I was thinking of what do I miss and what will I avoid? Besides my family, friends and dog here’s a few list.

Things I miss:

  • When I get an idea for a robot tinker but no robots to tinker with
  • Fast Internet, not that I miss being online all the time, but I do like getting on doing stuff and getting off vs. waiting for things
  • My Books & Large Book Stores
  • Driving
  • Fun little projects I can start, stop and have fun with

Things I don’t miss:

  • Always checking my email and being online
  • Being Needlessly Busy
  • 24/7 News and the constant DOOM & GLOOM
  • Cold Weather & Gray Skies
  • Selfish / Rude People

What I find most interesting about these list is what’s not in them. We spend our lives aquiring enough stuff so that we think we are happy, and when you don’t have it, you find you really don’t miss much… Funny…