Two Weeks Back – 7 Thoughts

After four weeks of being disconnected and two weeks back in the states I thought I would write about some observations.

  1. I don’t miss the hurry, hurry rush, rush.
  2. I don’t miss the 24/7 Doom & Gloom, I need to stop watching TV all together.
  3. I don’t miss office politics, or small group dynamics coupled with egos.
  4. I like the “life change” from applying the 80/20 Principle to the little things. I’ve found I have had more time and stress less.
  5. I missed my friends and family, but I’ve not seen them much at all. But Castle (my dog) has been a lot of fun.
  6. I’ve enjoyed working on some robots at the shop. I’ve really enjoyed working on the new robot for RoboCross and planning my Robot Building DVD.
  7. I’ve noticed I am still reading useless Google reader articless out of shear boredom, because I’ve gotten so much else done.