Playing The Game

I’ve become fascinated recently with Game Theory. I think it’s because slowly I’ve come to realize we are all actually just playing games, or rather, life is a game. Whether it’s business, relationships, corporate jostling, politics, or economics, just about everything in life when dealing with people is a game.

One simple example is the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Basically this is a game in which you have two players (two suspects in a crime) each of them are interrogated separately and they can not talk. The players can either, stay silent, or betray the other:

Prisoner B Stays Silent Prisoner B Betrays
Prisoner A Stays Silent Each serves 6 months Prisoner A: 10 years
Prisoner B: goes free
Prisoner A Betrays Prisoner A: goes free
Prisoner B: 10 years
Each serves 5 years

I think what I like most about this is that it can also be expressed mathematically, and you can determine / calculate optimal and sub-optimal strategies… Anyways I just find this stuff fascinating…

So if you think you don’t need to play games in life, remember, life’s a game, you just don’t know it.