Top 25 Software Round-Up 2009

I would like to thank the following software & services for 2009. (in no particular order)

  1. Eclipse – All my coding: Java, PHP, Ruby, Groovy. I use this tool just about every single day and can’t imaging a day without it. (unless I’m not coding)
  2. Notepad++ – All the rest of my coding and general text editing.
  3. AVG Free – don’t waste time with paid anti-virus software.
  4. Apache – the best web server out there.
  5. MySQL – the best database server out there.
  6. Firefox & Extensions (Web Developer Toolbar & Foxyproxy)
  7. Putty - with all the work I’m doing with linux/unix you just can’t beat this tool. Port forwarding is a huge bonus.
  8. Launchy – this has saved me countless hours searching for icons and using my mouse.
  9. Virtual Clone Drive – No more need for buring CDs. With this I just create an ISO and file it away on my network storage.
  10. Tortoise SVN & SVN Server – Converted from CVS this year. Finally!
  11. UBUNTU 8.04.3 LTS Server – My entire server farm is running this OS.
  12. VMWare Player 3.x – For virtual machines, now I can run linux on Windows7, without modifying xorg.conf.
  13. Picasa - All my photo organization.
  14. Aqua Data – Great for accessing and querying databases.
  15. iPhone & ITunes – Apps, even though the AT&T Network sucks.
  16. CCleaner – Removing crap from my windows system. Mainly clearing cookies and other privacy related info.
  17. TeraCopy - A nice tool for copying files (faster than Windows Explorer).
  18. Windows7 – Finally a chance to get rid of Vista.
  19. Google Services – Search, gmail, services, calendar, analytics, reader, etc.
  20. Webmin – Allowing web based administration to my server farm.
  21. PowerVPS – A great solution moving my reseller account off a shared box.
  22. 7-Zip – No need to purchase zip software.
  23. Skype – great for calls to the family in South Africa.
  24. Filezilla – how else would I get all my files to my servers?
  25. Adobe Photoshop & Preiere Elements – I use both of these tools for both image and video editing.