The Business of Ignorance

Lately on the radio and TV I've been hearing and seeing advertisement for businesses built on the ignorance of others. I'm sure you've heard of products that will turn debt into wealth, or get your pc faster, or even something that will let you quit your job and work from home. Every time I hear these ads I just want to scream and sometimes I do.

The Debt To Wealth Scam – This is really just about math. Spend less, pay of debt (either highest interest or lowest balance first). Sometimes it takes the flavor of the real-estate millionare pitch, where if you start getting properties eventually you can use the extra cash flow to pay off the debt.

Faster PC Scam – This is usally takes the form of removing viruses or spyware from your computer for a cost. All that really needs to be done is download AVG and install it for free.

Work From Home Scam – These are usually not businesses but ideas for businesses. If they are businesses, they are some kind of ponzy scheme, direct mail envelope stuffer, or virtual assistant. All of which offer work from home, but at such a low hourly rate, the fee/information is hardly worth the effort.

These are just some of the scams I've thought of off the top of my head, let me know if there's other's you'd like to hear.