WordPress and CodeMash 2010

I’m actually happy converting back to WordPress, the number of plugins have saved me boat-loads of time. I’ve got an issue with the way it stores data, but I need to let that go so I can focus on adding content to my site.

I’m also heading to CodeMash 2010 in a few days. I admit I’m looking forward to this conference much more than years past because speaking was a chore, not so much the speaking, but getting the robot to do everything I wanted it to do was… difficult. Not sure what I will be doing at the conference, but I will be posting about it.

As to the Dell E6400, I actually had my NVIDIA card flake out on me, despite a new motherboard. But the same software works fine on my older Dell D820. Fortunately I won’t be needing a laptop anytime soon, but my next one might just be a Lenovo or other brand (as long as as I can get a matte screen).

Dell Update E6400 (1/11/2010): NVIDIA crashes consistently on certain apps (ManicTime). I either think the driver is bad or they did nothing to my computer.