Is Your Niche Too Small?

So you want to create a niche market because you read the Four Hour Workweek or are starting a business. You’ve done the following:

  1. Listed your passions.
  2. Listed the things your good at.
  3. Consolidated the list and started to test.
  4. Then you found out all the stuff you like or are good at doesn’t have the best performing indicators. (Via Google Trends, Google Keyword Tool, or Google Traffic Estimator)

What do you do? If your lucky you don’t get to #4, if that’s the case you can stop reading this post, but if not continue…

Broaden Your Niche (Selling Around)

  1. Take your niche and go to Amazon.Com search, pick the first item.
  2. Go to the categories section, this will tell you where this item is ranked in sales for specific categories.
  3. Go to the category then select the first couple of books in the category.
  4. Review Amazon Sales Rank. Make sure it’s less than 10k.
  5. Combine your search keyword/niche with something that’s popular and selling.
  6. Use this as a sell-around technique, so while not directly selling use this to drive traffic and allow your niche to get noticed.