Monthly Archives: March 2004

New Office

I just had it with my old office. The desk I bought just a few months ago was a complete HOG and uncomfortable! I did not spend money on another one, instead I managed to fit a 5ft table into my closet and place another table next to it for an “L” desk.

In other news Emily's friend from SA “Uncle James” drove up for the week-end. We did a bit of Irish Pub'n over the week-end and was able to make it out to the Wright Patterson Air Force Museum yesterday. I will put some pics up soon.

I should also start the JSnapper project this week. I will update either the BLOG or the site. Stay Tuned!

First COJUG Meeting & outsourcing blurb.

I went to my 1st COJUG last night. The topic was Bluetooth & Java. The meeting was cool, but the speaker left us all wondering whether or not Bluetooth was going to be around next year at the end of the meeting… "OK, I sat there for an hour for that???"

I think there is potential though. I'll go next month…

In other news read an article on Outsourcing. A good read since I work for an Indian company…

Personally I think we would be better off writing AI vs. Outsourcing.

Had to upgrade

Started hearing a weird sound from the PC tonight… Power Supply bearing going bad. So I headed up to MicroCenter to get a new one. They also had a special on a SB Audigy $39.

Emm got a PS2 Game (all the old arcade games) she is playing that now.

Also installing Redhat 9, again..

Just Updated Site

This site is sill in BETA. I will get to where I want by the end if the week!

I have added the following on this site:

  • blog
  • images
  • amazon links (coming soon)
  • google links ( coming soon)
  • webcams. (ignore the goofey pics!)

    This site was developed on Eclipse with Apache Tomcat as the servlet Engine. Soon I will be updating the site with the following 3 programs:

  • blog
  • webcam snapper
  • image database