Monthly Archives: April 2004

PIC Chip Success

I have been working for a while to program Pic MicroControllers vs. the Basic Stamp. Finally Success!!! Now I just need to get a PCB designed and I'm in business!

We're Back!

Well the trip was GREAT! We walked on beaches, went to some wineries, ate a lot, drank a lot, and played games. I did not fair too well at Rummy, but made up for it in Monopoly! *snip*

Only one loud baby on this flight, but those SAA AirBus planes are tight. I don't like them what so ever.

Moving Again… To PHP

After all of the hosting experiences I have settled on ReadySetConnect.Com. Though I am not 100% satisfied its the best thing going.

I am moving my site from Java/JSP to PHP. This is fun, exciting, and I am re-learning PERL which I have not done regularly since 1995. I also just put up Emms site. EmmP3.Com she will start doing things with it soon.

Africa is great!

All is fine here down south. We had a heck of a flight over. You see SAA is moving from the 747 to the AirBus. The AirBus we were on was small and the interactive TV did not work but 50% of the time.

Heading to Johns tonight for some dinner, mmmm. The beer is dear, the wine if fine, and I have not had a brandy & coke yet, but I feel its near.

I will update soon. Cheers!

Bad Java Hosting Experience!!!

I was all excited this week about moving my page to LunarPages.Com. I thought WOW JSP hosting for $9.95, well I am getting what I paid for.

I went through all the trouble yesterday of moving my database to MySQL (which was a nice adventure) and when I went to deploy my .WAR. Nothing happened. Now I go there and try to get just index.jsp to work, and NOTHING. It says that the file is not even there.

So I am pointing back to my old site. via some PHP. This really sucks. I spent so much time getting some cool JSP components built and there is no one around to host them.

Anyway, my support question has been posted for about 24 hours now. I will see if anything happens.

More problems this morning. I am now looking at