Monthly Archives: August 2004

Google Ads & Stuff

Well in prep for my new Robot Web Site I am shoring up this site. I started doing some Google Ads, and in a few Days I will get some more Amazon links on the left.

I will also likely review some Java Books that I like and some Robot books that are cool. Please go there and buy them!!!

I also joined the Java Community Process. I will check out things over the next few weeks and see if there is something I can join. I am really interested in the Java Rules “DROOLS” and some of the new Frameworks.

On a personal note, Emm's sister Magda and Paul have come to visit. They are in LA now but will be here again Wednesday, before they head back to SA.

Go Buckeyes!!! They won again, close, but they won. I can not believe how Kirk actually thought an unranked team would beat us! Shame on you Kirk, shame on you!