Monthly Archives: January 2005

News, News, News

A lot has happened since I last wrote.

  • We went to Africa for Christmas.
  • We are selling our house.
  • We are moving to Portland, Oregon.
  • I started participating on JSR 267 from the Java Community Process.

The trip was GREAT, but hectic. We got a chance to head to Jo-Burg for a week, and spend 2 weeks in Capetown. The only down-side, was my freaking back. I have got to exercise that thing more! We were able to see some sights and drink plenty of Castle, so what else do I need to say???

The whole move thing was cool. A person from our Portland office just asked if I'd be interested in moving to the Great North-West, I called Emm, and it was 2 seconds before I emailed him back to say YES!!!

The housing thing was cool too. We decided to go with Chip & Sue Parrish. They were very prepared and professional. Hopefully we can sell our house now!!!. I will post our MLS when I get the number.

The JSR is still developing, I am excited to participate in the JCP! Stay tuned!!!