Monthly Archives: May 2005

Feels good!

Well, a few days after taking our home off the market it feels nice. Nice to know what we are going to be doing and getting out of this LIMBO. Right now Emily is setting up what she wants to do with the office and bedroom. Right now I think that IKEA is at the top of her list! Speaking of which, Emily's party is this week-end, she turns the BIG 34.

House Off Market

Well, it looks like we are staying on Columbus. The school district really de-valuded our area and it just did not make sense for us to move. Chip and Sue were great! Today they are picking up the sign and the lock box. Maybe next year!

In other news I met with a patent attorney yesterday and had some meetings with a marketing firm. It looks like I will have a detailed business plan together by end of June!

I would like to thank those at work for motivating me to get more going with my robots!

2 Sites & a few bugs…

Last night I created 2 sourceforge projects. One you see to your left. It's the webcam capture. I also had to fix a few bugs on the site. It's Still Beta!

In other news Emm made this awesome vegetarian pasta last night. MMM! I should post the recipe, but will have to see if she remembers that.

Portland Nice & Book Going Well.

We got back from Portland last week. It was beautiful, the people were nice but the homes were expensive! My house w/no basement was about $265k. From what I hear, if you move beyond the 1hr commute range things get more reasonable, but I could not drive that. So pending any other news from work, it looks like we will be staying in Columbus for a while.

Also, I noticed that I have not mentioned my Java & Robotics Book with Apress. Well, it's true, I am writing a book on the two subjects. Tonight I will turn in Chapter 5. It's scheduled to be due by June 1, so far I am on track with it and I start to get into the really cool chapters today with Speech.

Emily is registering for classes today at Columbus State. She will start this summer and soon will be on her way to her degree.

In other news my mother is retiring this summer. Jen is getting her MBA. Dad is building his house. Emm's folks will be coming to visit soon!

Books, Books, Books.

I got some information today about my book: ISBN and a Title. So things are going well with it.

I also had a chance to pick-up the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I even recommended it to my folks.

I went to the library the other day and picked up 6 books un usability, they all seem to say the same thing and none of it is very scientific. It seems they use a lot of things that overlap like 'navigation ease' and then have a completely separate quantity called 'efficiency'. I mean doesn't one have influence on another?

I have another theory, which harkens back to graph theory and combinatorics. My thought is usability is all about page transitions (Mechanical, Visual, Artificial, and Cognitive), it's the sum those transitions that either make an application easy to use or difficult…