Monthly Archives: July 2005

Got a Truck!

I just got a new 2005 F-150 4×4. It's white with an extended cab and the large engine 5.4L V-8. I think after we got rid of the Jeep we were sorely missing a car to haul stuff. Trips to IKEA were limted, Lowes and Home Depot were also troublesome, and cleaning the garage and going to the dump was impossible. I think that my BMW 330 just lost it's appeal after the 2nd tire blew and cost me another $600. That was 2 tires for this car costing me over $1300 dollars. Because the ride was so smooth you did not know the tire was blown until it was completely destroyed. I have also had lingering problems with the car's performance. I bought a 330i performance package but it's been sluggish…

But now I have a truck. Come time to build our home and build Emm's mustang we will be ready!