Monthly Archives: August 2005

Book Finishing Up & High School Update

Well the summer is almost complete, and I have spent it behind my PC or in front of a Robot. Emily and I have are now at the 2 year point and things are fantastic. She seems to get better all the time and given where I have spent this summer, I owe her big time after the book's release.

I also have heard from some High School friends of late here is a summary for those checking out the site:

  • Evan – Still in Chicago with wife & 1 kid and 1 in the oven.
  • Jason – Still in Peoria, Illinois working for a marketing firm, with wife & 3 kids.
  • JD – In the gulf planning missions over Iraq & Afghanistan wife & 3 kids in Virginia Beach.
  • Steve – Still LT. Steve with wife & kids in Powell.
  • Shannon – With wife & 2 kids in Johnstown.
  • Mike – With wife & 4 kids in Lithopolis.
  • Corky – With wife (Crissy Hall) and 2 kids in Canal Winchester.
  • Lee – In Jacksonville Florida
  • Maria – In Cleveland with husband (Mark) & 2 kids.

That's all for now, time to go take the puppy out for a you know what!

3 Monitor & Football

3 Monitors 1 PC, this is AWESOME!!!

Well, football season is almost here. We decided on not getting season tickets this year, though we will make the Texas game, the others we are looking to enjoy in front of the TV. Too bad Time Warner does not get ABC in HDTV. I might just have to buy a tuner.

In other news the book is going well, I am almost done. Emm's parents left back to South Africa. Our puppy is getting big! We have a new saying when he's bad (Thanks Karen Roets!) It's Castle-dot-Dog…

Also, Emm is done with class in a week and went back to work at 3D Group part time.

I also sent out the Christmas Party Invitation Friday December 23, 2005! All Friends Welcome!

Castle “Lager” Preston