Monthly Archives: October 2005

Thanks Jay

When I got up this morning I checked my Goggle Desktop "Web Clips" and saw a new story from a friend of mine entitled "Love at First Stonehenge". I had a read and low and behold it was a nice little story about how I met Em.

This of course prompted me to write, then delete a few of the stories I remember of Jason back at his folks house. There was a party or two that stick in my mind… One on a cleaner side was a day where our friend was having a dinner party and I was not invited. I don't really know why, but this was the year of working my 1974 Chevy Truck, which would have been a year after high school, and as I recall I also was listening to country music. So anyway, as I remember the story when I got there the food was almost done, but there was some chocolate fondue that I ate with some fruit.

As to the other stories…. Well like Jason, I will choose to not make those public.

Astronomy In Columbus?

I thought I was going to do astronomy as a new hobby, then I remembered where I live and what time of year it is. Cold, Overcast, and light polluted… Maybe I will just stick with the robots.

Nice Vacation

I'm back from SA. What a great time!!! Well what's happening? Ohio State's offense is getting worse. I am glad I was not here for last weeks game. I hope they win today!!! The book will be shipped at the end of the month, yippie, now it's on to fixing the house.

Good news, Emm got her green card Thursday, but we had a slight fright coming through customs yesterday. They wanted to verify a few things.

Bad news, my pappaw passed away while I was in South Africa. I tell you that's one of the things you hope does not happen while you are so far away. But the good news was that I got to see him before I left and had a few jokes with him.