Monthly Archives: February 2006

Moving Now

Well moving day has arrived. We will be closing here in a few hours and have plans to commence the moving this afternoon. Once again the truck is really proving to be a nice addition.

The sellers have been nice, and so has their listing agent Calhoon Company Realtors. Again special thanks to Huntington's Ray Principie and Chip and Sue Parrish, Amy, Racheal, Micki and team.

Oh, I almost forgot. I finally got my Kegerator. Still deciding what beer to put in, but I will update everyone on that later.

IKEA Trip & Painting

This week-end we made a trip to IKEA. Aside from the miserable SOB that helped us at the register it was a fun trip. We purchased stuff for the family room, and the offices. We will most likely have to make another trip sometime this spring.

Aside from the occasional Buckeye game and some work with Preston Research, we have been painting and getting the old house ready for new Carpet. Emily will be doing some more painting this weekend and I will be packing and taking apart my workbench, weight set, and treadmill.