Monthly Archives: March 2006

In House and 1 for sale

Well, we have been out of the house a few weeks now. The move has taken some time, in fact we still have stuff in the garage of the old place. I did not realize how much I missed the basement of the old house, but there's just no place for stuff in this one. We are still un-packing and organizing.

Keg Installed and…

Well the Kegorator is up & running. We decided to go with an Miller Genuine Draft for two reasons, one cost, and two we did not think we could drink a 1/2 barrel in 30 days (that's the time they say the keg beer is good once it's been tapped) so our choices were 1/6 barrels or 1/4 barrels. 

So we have a 1/4 barrel of MGD. I think our neighbors will be thinking, hmm.. the first thing they moved in was a kegerator and keg… I guess there was a rumor that we were moving from Dublin Road.  Today we should have cable installed and hence our phones and internet moved. Same phone, new address.