Monthly Archives: May 2006

Parade's and Birthday's

This morning we watched the Grandview Memorial Day Parade. It was Emily's
first ALL-AMERICAN parade, with fire trucks, old cars, baseball teams and
politicians. Not a bad way to spend a morning. I am glad that I power washed
the front yesterday afternoon!

Now we are off to Mikala's Birthday Party and Jens house. First we need
to go to Target for presents. I can't believe that Mikala is turning 9 this
year. WOW!!!

Off for now, have a nice Memorial Day Week-end!

Parties and Weather…

This week-end is full of parties. I have one tonight at Ron and Sophia's.
Tomorrow for Mikayla and maybe Vuj. Sunday I have a wedding, and Monday we
are hiding out. Also next week we are headed to Orlando again for a few
days. Mom is watching Castle so it should be a nice break.

I also added a weather link to my site for
Columbus, OH. It's keeps me from having to look at all the sites.

Inspections, Water Heaters, and Stuff…

We got our inspection back from a certified structural engineer, no problems. I can't believe they were telling us there were structural problems with the house. Now, I just need to get to the house and cut the grass. It rained all last week, hopefully today or tomorrow I will get it cut.

Also in the news, once again our Hot Water Heater at the new home went out. It's brand new and is costing us $100 (bad thermocouple.)

For fun, Emily had her birthday party, I had so much fun I hurt my back (not bad though) and we looked a a few homes in the neighborhood during Sunday open houses. We saw one "flip" with a nice attic as a 4th bedroom, I am still thinking our attic is too small, but we'll see.

We also had a 2 scares with Castle. He got out of the front door, once I found him, the second time, some children rang the bell and found him in the alley behind the house. I was very worried!!! But he was spoiled rotten by all the visitors at the house Saturday…

I still have a job.

Though I don't think my job was endanger yesterday proved to be a tough one
for my fellow workers. Some long time senior management was let go. They
were told “Saber already has people doing your job.” While I don't really
know what they did day-to-day or what the Saber “plan” is for the future, it
was sad to see some of them leave in such an abrupt fashion. Of course all
the other friends of mine who have been laid-off, found other jobs and right
now seem to be happier for it. My hope is all those who were let go
yesterday share in that same fate. It makes me ask: When am I getting out of
this rat-race as an employee, and going to be come the employer?

In other news, I have made round 3 of the biltong. Thanks to Karen for
the tips, I will let you know how it turns out. I also got a chance to cut
the grass at this house, well see Friday about house #2 in Galloway…

Finally, I am going to admit it, this year I actually watched American
Idol. Yes, every stinking episode (on FF for the really crappy songs). I was
a fan of Taylor since the beginning. But I think it has more to do with my
Grey hair, than his singing. I think he will win it, but if Katherine has
another song like “Over The Rainbow” sayonara.

Strike One…

Our contract fell through. I think it was because the buyer could not get
financing, but what get's me is they are saying there were things wrong with
the house. While we had an inspection and there is NOTHING wrong with it, we
know that…

I was so tempted to put the buying agent's name, and still might…. Oh,

Birthday Shopping and Rain…

We were going to work in the yard this week-end. Though Emm and I are
terrible at “Yard-Work” we were determined to work in the back yard to get
ready for Emily's birthday party next Saturday. But it rained and rained,
and is still raining. So I decided to give Emily her gift a bit early and we
went shopping at Easton.

Today we are going to Home Depot. I have decided on a design one of the
book shelves in the front room. Now that the front room is livable and we
don't have to worry about getting new furniture it's time to start moving
books from the boxes in the basement upstairs.

Two In a Day

Well, this biltong batch is a little dryer and I think I have a little too
much salt. It's still very tasty!!! I am off to have a Castle now.

Long Time, No Write…

Well things have been busy, what can I say? I have been working on the new
house, and working on the old house. Which is in contract right now, believe
it or not. They even want to close next week. So I am crossing my fingers!!!

I have also had a go at making South African Biltong. I am going to taste
batch #2 tonight. Batch #1 was good, but we are expecting great things from
this one. I have some photo's I will have to put up in a few days so my
fellow Americans can figure out what I am talking about.

I have also been working on my software “ href=>Snagr“, this version includes thumbnails and
snag-alert emails. I may have sent you an invitation, if not, go to the
website to check it out.

Finally, I must talk about the new Glenn
TV show on Headline News. The 1st episode was rough, but things are
getting more like his radio show, which is a good thing, at least from me.
Congrats Glenn, you are one busy dude.