Monthly Archives: June 2006

So many things…

Well, this has been a busy week-end. Last night I went to Corky's for a
poker party. I did not do too well, let's just say, maybe I should stick to
Building Robots. Today we were going to go to IKEA, but we shelved that.
Instead we had a nice dinner and got to see Kuba for a bit.

On the home front, I also got a chance to clean out the basement and
organize it a bit. I have 3 Linux boxes up now, one for the server, one for
a desktop testing machine, and another for the laptop.

This week is busy, I have a concert to go to, some friends to meet at
Dave & Busters, and a bunch of code to write as well as a chapter in a book.


The thing about this old house, is the 70% of the entire house was on single
15 amp un-grounded circuit. So this week-end I started fixing a section of
the house, and that led to another section, yada, yada…

I started with some proper GFCI on the porch, these were actually
ungrounded and rusting. Then I decided I may as well fix the front room as
well. So I put some more GFCI on the floor outlets and replaced 2 normal
ones. But in the process I removed the wires for the upstairs, and the
kitchen lights, so I put a patch in for the upstairs, and put a new circuit
in for the kitchen lights. I still have some switch plates un-covered and
due for a 3-way switch, but I am making progress…

Other than that, Emily painted the bedroom and I got this really cook
wireless web camera. I have also managed to build a new server on Ubuntu
Linux, replaced the OS on my laptop and old server with Ubuntu. So far in
this house Linux is wining (XP 2 Machines, Ubuntu 3.

Almost Sold!!!

Well, this week has had it's up and downs. Mostly downs… Emily and I have
both been sick with Strep. Though things are getting better. Our house has
long grass, both of them.

But what I really wanted to blog about was Dominion Homes… These people
are building down the road, and some clients that saw our home 3 times and
almost purchased it decided to go with a new home because of deep discounts
in the same market. I mean, here our home is 10 years old, and Dominion is
selling down the road and under cutting us…

The weather is nice and I hope to get the lawn mowed and relax a little
this week-end.

Orlando Adventure

We went to Orlando last week-end for a trip to Universal, Sea World, and
maybe Epcot. In short we had a great time but would do things a little
different next time around.

We would NIX Universal Studio, and instead just go to Universal Islands
of Adventure. We would also NIX Sea World, Emm was very disappointed there.
We definitely would take better shoes on the next trip.

Our last day was spent at Epcot, but I was disappointed because I did not
get to ride a single ride. You see they have these things called Fast
Passes. But one thing they don't tell you, if you get one, you can't get
another one until you use the one they gave you. So we got one and our fast
pass was schedule for 4 hours from when we requested it. The park closed in
4.5 hours so that meant either we wait 2 hours in line, or just forgo any

The great part was we got a chance to relax, unwind, and just be with
each other without the hassles of the other house, work, or anything else.