Monthly Archives: July 2006

Cleaned For Update

I am in the process of re-vamping my .Com site. So if you have noticed a bunch of items are gone, please visit my .org site.

As to my Google Outage, well the mail came back at some point last night, my .org and scottsbots site are back in the Google index, but my .Com site is not around. I am wondering if it has to do with a post of some PHP code below – or- the words Google and Hack on the same page. I am not sure…

In any case I will take these steps:

1) Re-Add my site to Google via –

2) Review the webmaster help center –

3) Add & Use GoogleSiteMaps –

Soon I will be updating this site with some real goodies. Right now I am finishing up the Chapter of the Real-World AJAX Book, so as soon as that's done (sometime this week) I should have more code and tech post.

Google Giving Me Fits

Google is giving me fits. Monday GMAIL was down for about 12 hours, and today it's down again. (though my wife's machine is fine) I don't know how long it will be… To top things off, I went from number 2 in my Google Rank yesterday to out of the index today. That's right, if you search on Scott Preston, I am not even in the first 1000 hits. This makes me re-think my position on using their service(s).

Let's say my ranking does not come back? What will I do? What if no one at Google responds to my email?

It's funny, just a few weeks ago I was a proponent of Google for a client, in that maybe they could use Google Calendar. Now it goes down… What can they do? What would I do? Have to refund them their money because of outage that I assured them would not happen?

It makes me think… I am glad I started using their service, because it's starting to look like it's not what I want. Maybe it's fun to play around with but that's it..

As to their stock, I am selling it, if I am getting problems, thousands of other people are too.

Stay tuned…

2nd GMail Outage and No Google Rank

Google is giving me fits. Monday I was down for about 12 hours for email, and today I am down again. I don't know how long it will be… To top things off, I went from number 2 in my Google Rank yesterday to out of the index today. That's right, if you search on Scott Preston, I am not even in the first 1000 hits.

Quick PHP Google Rank Hack

I was working on a quick little google rank hack that I could run via batch / shell. It would take 2 args site, and keywords. It's only 28 lines, but works and is fast. Enjoy.

XP Hibernate Problem Solved

My first post on my new Technical Blog… Stay tuned for more…. Remember my personal blog is at

As soon as I upgraded my Windows XP machine to 2GB of RAM, and went into Hibernate, I got this error "Insufficient System Resources Exist to Complete the API" then nothing else worked. The Microsoft KB Article, does not give the file out, you have to call them, but I managed to find this blog entry with the file for download.


I switched to GMAIL a few weeks ago, things were going fine, no problems. In fact I was really getting use to it, but it's been down all afternoon and I am not liking it too well at this point. That's all for now.

Need to make more Biltong!

biltong I need to make more Biltong. The last few batches have been really nice, but I have been so busy with this house  I keep forgetting. So what have I been doing on the house, well for starters I am still getting that electric sorted out. I still have 2 holes in the walls but for the most part it's done.

Saturday we started fixing the shower/tub supply lines in the upstairs bathroom, currently Emm is working on the tile and I still have a small leak in one of the copper pipes. (By the way, stay away from copper, use CPVC if at all possible.)

In other good news, Emm's folks are coming to visit us in September. We are really looking forward to seeing them. We will have a braii or two, and I need to stock up on the Biltong you see to the right.

Now .Org

I have stopped updating my .com site for a bit to redo it with a more technical version. I will soon update this site with a more current look & feel and some FLICKR images.

Soon to be .Org

I have decided to give my site a shake-up. I will soon be posting
personal blogs to href="">, and I
will post my technical blogs book reviews, amazon stuff, etc at href=""> I will also
be posting some photos a flickr and directly in my blog vs having a
separate pics site. Since it has zero traffic.

I will keep everyone updated.