Monthly Archives: August 2006

Last Straw –> No more GMAIL

Well that was it. I stopped getting email this morning in my GMAIL account. It's funny because everyone else I speak with has no problems but it seemed like it would go down ever few days or I would stop getting mail for some reason or another. So that's it. I have quit using GMAIL.

I think the worst thing about it is you get no response when you contact Google. I guess even a poor response would be better than no response or very late response.

So that's it for now…

The heat, my lawn, and a game.

It's been very hot, but not so hot. I remember weather like this when I was a kid in the 70's and 80's, but then we had no AC, just fans and got by just fine. All the panic in the air is quite amusing. All the hype about global warming has made most people forget about last year's cool summer… As a result, I have not been out to mow the lawn, which I should do tonight.

Instead I have started playing the Game Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. I am not sure how much I like it compared with Neverwinter Nights (D&D), the game play is a little clumsy but I like the 1st person perspective…

Draft of book done, back to the house.

Now that I am done with the next book, Real World Ajax. It's time to work on the house. I have some stuff to fix in the bathroom I need to finish the electrical and work on the basement and in the garage… Yes. I don't get much of a break.

In other news it looks like the folks are going to be spending some time with us this time around. We are really looking forward to their trip. We might even head out to San Fransisco for a few days.

I heard from Lee & Jason just the other day, they seem to be  doing well and might be around in late this year.

Troy SmithAs you can tell by my lack or ranting, GMAIL has been up for a few. I actually got an email from them Yesterday saying they were sorry for the problems.  I just hope it does not happen again.

Right now Emily is working on another quilt. I really need to get her to start blogging on her site,, but I am afraid that might just be too geeky for her.

Well not to the important matters, Ohio State is starting camp soon. I thought I would mention the site I use for the lasted info, I think this year will be fun, though the ticket office just bumped me from the Penn State game to the Cincinnati Game.

Our key this year will be defense. After loosing AJ Hawk and the rest of our D to the NFL, it's going to be tough, hopefully they will come in to their own by November, because that's when you win championships.

Go Bucks!