Monthly Archives: October 2006

I'm Retired!

A few weeks ago I retired from corporate America. No more Saber, no more working for the man, no more making money for someone else. My new company is Preston Research LLC. We (Emily & I) are a software company. So far it’s been great. I have been working out of my home. Emily has been helping me set-up my books and I have worked more in the last few weeks than I did with Saber in the past few months!

UBUNTU — three strikes

I have been working with UBUNTU for the past few months, and while initially I was really excited about the concept of moving my servers from Microsoft to Linux the results have been less than spectacular.

  1. Initially, I wanted to pipe VNC over SSH, this met with some problems in in that my versions of Windows VNC would not pipe nicely. Community support in this instance was NIL.
  2. Second, I wanted to run my Java web camera's via the UBUNTU box. Well simple Java programs worked, but the video for Linux driver did not work, again, community support was NIL.
  3. Finally, I was using UBUNTU as my file server. All seemed to work fine with SAMBA until I tried to do some XCOPY back-ups. In this case the file transfers were incredibly slow. I tried all types of configuration with my smb.conf, and nothing seemed to work. What I find funny about this is the problem is all over the net and Google, but there''s no solution. I have tried to contact the SAMBA mailing list, UBUNTU Forums, and guess what? Community support is NIL.

So because I don't have endless time to get this to work I have decided to rebuild the BOX with XP Pro and will build another test box on a smaller machine for UBUNTU testing.

If anyone has any insight or could help out in any of these area's please contact me!



Under Construction!

I am in the process of redoing my site. Also In case I did not mention it I quit my job with Saber this month. Now I am full time employed by Preston Research LLC. I will keep everyone posted more as the holiday's approach.

- Scott

What's this ESPNU stuff?

Fortunately I have plans to go to the game tomorrow, but ESPNU? What the heck is this? I hope that:

1) ESPNU looses so much money they cancel the channel.

2) OSU Get's a contract with someone other than ABC/ESPN so all games can be watched.

3) The cable companies get off their butts and order this channel.

At the end of the day it's going to be about money. No matter who complains, how loud we scream, they will not care. Here's an example:

Time Warner will not get ABC or FOX in HDTV, even though they broadcast in HD. So, if we want to watch, we need to get an over the air antenna for these channels. Who looses? The public.

So, what will happen if Northwestern or Illinois is on ESPNU and I can not get to the game? I think I will just listen on the radio, and then have to not donate this year to OSU's athletic department.

Why can't I find a good host?

I have been trying to find a dedicated server now for about 2 weeks. They either have the right server or poor service. They have good service or the wrong server, or you need to pay out your butt for both, then you are still not confident in them and need to try it out for a bit.

I actually have thought about getting a T1 line to the house and purchasing my own server, in the end it would be more work on my part, but at least I could count on the server, but would most likely have problems with the networking…