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Hosting Saga Continues…

I am moving again, hopefully for the last time, to HostGator. They were fine until I had to leave because they did not support PHP5, now they have it, so I am good to go… Crossing Fingers!!!

Buggy Email & Game & Rude OSU Fans!

As to the mail bugs… It continues.. I think as soon as I get some sites done I will once again search for a host.. Then I will push my accounts to it for a week or two, verify things work well, then if, and only if they are good I will once again do a domain transfer…

As to the game, it rocked! I was there, lost my voice, but the most memorable experience were a bunch of rude OSU fans crashing my mothers tailgate before the game. That's right OSU fans, not Michigan fans, they tore through my mother tailgate jumping over tables, coolers, almost knocking us down. I wish I had pictures… Oh, I wish I had pictures… Speaking of those. I have to get some up on this site.

As to the stupid BCS, I can't believe they are still talking about UM. They had their shot, and lost. If it wasn't for 3 turnovers, and 3 cheap penalties, it would not have been so close…

p.s. WOW Cable Rocks, we watched the OSU game at the house in HD after the game in Dolby 5.1 surround.

Game Day!

What else can I say, today is game day! It's too bad that Bo had to pass yesterday, all my best to his family and friends.

So we are heading down, it's going to be a juggle, 4 tailgates, let's see how it goes. I will post some pics of the event!!! Well, only if we win.

Prediction: OSU 31, Michigan 24.

Hello WOW!!!

I have switched my cable to WOW from Time Warner. So far the cable modem ROCKS. I get 6.7MB/sec download  and 1.2MB/sec Upload, from Speakeasy Chicago.

I have an older HDBox and they don't have On-Demand yet, but I hear they will have it in early December. The cool thing is I get ABC and Fox in HD. TW does not have them because they are stubborn.

If you want to join WOW on me, I will send you a $10 gift card from Amazon.

OSU vs. Michigan Cheerleaders

OK. I am sure to get more hits of people Googling cheerleaders but in light of the OSU / Michigan game this week I thought it appropriate to recommend this link. Or if you want, you can go to the real OSU Cheerleading Site. On to more serious stuff…

OSU Offense vs. Michigan Defense

I had concerns during the Illinois Game a few weeks ago. They blitzed every down and that gave our guys problems. Smith had 1 to 2 seconds to find a receiver and it seemed like they were all running 4 to 5 second routes. Also, it seemed like Illinois knew when we were going to run and we had play after play going negative when we ran the ball.

I think we pass first, run second. If the receivers are not open, give Smith 4 seconds then he should bolt.

If the Michigan D has to stay home to keep Smith at bay, then we should be able to open up the pass. If they spy Smith, we should be able to run wide or off-tackle, or kill 'em with a screen or two. If they break down to a more normal scheme, this will then allow Pitt & Beanie to get some yards up the middle.

Slam Dunks: Smith running & throwing. As long as he does not get an early interception via tipped ball, we will roll.

Concerns: Fumbling. Since we have not been able to hold on to the ball lately I wonder if the cold will effect our ability to hold on to the ball. If this happens OUCH!

OSU Defense vs. Michigan Offense

Our D has done a great job this year, but they are vulnerable. I have seen teams really move on them at times, then other times, offenses play to avoid turnovers. I see the game revolving around Mike Hart. If he runs over 100, we lose the game, unless we get +2 turnovers. The reason for this is because our DBs will move up leaving us open to the big play over the middle.

Slam Dunks: Heine tries too hard, he will throw a pick or two. Let's hope he does relax by having Hart run all day long…

Concerns: The Big Play & 3rd Down. If Michigan strings 2 or three of these together in a drive, I just hope it's not the last drive of the game.

Special Teams

I like our punting and our kicking, but it will be all kickers first OSU Michigan game. My guess is we will miff one, I am not sure why, but given the inconsistency of late, I think we will loose either a bad punt, drop one, or miss a field goal or extra point.


Still 4 days away, I think it will come down to turnovers. We have a tendency to fumble, they have a slight tendency to throw a pick. I think we will take advantage of it, they will not. Also, Michigan is more prone to penalties than we are, I see both these going our way.

OSU 24, Michigan 17

Hosting Saga… Don't Use SuperbServers!

My first dedicated hosting experience was not cool. Here's some tips:

  1. Buy the cheapest option first to play around with it. I purchased what I thought I would need, raid1, 1gb ram, 160gb hard disk, 30gb FTP, Plesk (which I don't like), etc. Remember you can always upgrade if you find you are happy with them…
  2. Be Careful of Pre-Payment, when going in I thought I would be happy with the options, but low and behold I had to cancel, and to top it they slammed me with a 30day until cancel notice. So this means I had to shell out another 30 days of hosting I would never, ever use… Bogus!!!
  3. Stick with what you know… I should have stayed with WHM/Cpanel over PLESK.
  4. Don't recompile any software (configure/make/make install). The reason for me is PLESK, since it did not fully support PHP 5.1.6, when i did the recompile and install via Apache, PLESK started to blow chunks at some point in the future… Also, depending on who you go with they might install patches or updates that might not work with what you have modified…
  5. Be prepared to spend some time learning things… Pick up a cheap PC someplace then install the SAME distro you will be leasing and use this as your development / test box.

Good Bye Time Warner…

Even though I am going to the Michigan game, the fact that I have to record it over Standard Definition TV is bogus. Also I got a DSL back-up because my Time Warner Cable line keeps going down. I have had them out a few times and nothing… This could also be the reason my mail keeps bouncing… 

Hello WOW Cable. Let's see what you got!

Hosting Saga Continues…

I have canceled my dedicated server and am right now back with ResellerZoom because they offer PHP5 under reseller accounts, and have fail over hosting (RAID1). So for now I will stay with them but I am still having a funky email bug with their servers… Who knows I might be changing everything back in a month or two…

Update (12pm) on my SAMBA issues, nothing… Update on my Plesk Firewall issues, nothing… My next server might just have to be Windows2003… Sigh…

Update (3pm) My reseller, continues to bounce my server, mail goes down, apache goes down… I can't access… So, I will most likely be changing again in a month. Man, why isn't there a good web host out there, they all seem to suck equally bad…

If anyone has a good host, please send me a note!


OSU vs. Michigan or am I Looking Ahead.

Well, here it is just 6 days away and I am already thinking about the national championship. I should not do that, given Michigan’s Defense and I am still nervous about our O-Line. But with the latest BCS polls out, I would prefer to play USC over Florida. I really don’t want to play Notre Dame (Can you say BORING!) I mean didn’t we beat them last year? The last thing I want to hear is about Charlie Weiss and Brady Quinn again…
Rutgers, while I think it’s great to see them do well, I would hate to play them and have the game be a blow-out and boring. I just don’t get how the computers have them above OSU in this week’s poll. I guess, if we win out, things will take care of themselves.
So assuming Ohio State wins next week, from the current top 10 in the BCS, who do I think we’ll play. On a scale from 1-10, with a 10 being a lock, and a 1 being no chance.

#2 Michigan: I would hate this rematch, “The Game” should be played once, and if they win what does it show, we are 1-1. Chances of playing -> 3.
#3 USC: Still has to play California, Notre Dame and UCLA. I would like this match-up, USC is a good program and if they win the last 3 games they would have a very strong schedule. Chances of playing -> 5.
#4 Florida: Still has to play W. Carolina,  Florida St. and the SEC Championship (Arkansas). I would not mind this game, but I have not thought too much about it since Florida has had so many close calls. Chances of playing -> 6.
#5 Notre Dame: Still has to play Army and at USC. As I said, I would hate this game, Weiss, Quinn, yada, yada, blah, yuck. But because of their schedule. Chances of playing -> 6.
#6 Rutgers: Still has to play Syracuse and at West Virginia. I would not like the match-up, but if USC looses, to California and beats Notre Dame. Then it’s between Arkansas and Rutgers, I guess I would rather see them play Rutgers. Chances of playing -> 4.
#7 Arkansas: I would not mind this match-up either, but Arkansas still has to play Mississippi State, and LSU and Florida in the SEC Championship game. But if they win the SEC, they will jump Notre Dame and be on par with USC since USC whipped them 50-14 in September they would still be below USC. Chances of playing -> 5.
#8 West Virginia: They lost to Louisville and are in the Big East. Boring… Chances of playing -> 2.
#9 Wisconsin: This might be the most interesting no-respect match-up left. Their only loss came at the hands of Michigan. And while they did not play anyone non-conference if there’s a Big East team with 1 loss, and a Big 10 Team with 1 loss, I take Wisconsin, buy seeing as how Michigan would be available as well and they beat Wisconsin. Chances of playing -> 1 (no chance).
#10 Louisville: They lost to Rutgers and are in the Big East. Boring… Chances of playing -> 2.
Here’s my preference for playing:
  1. USC
  2. Florida
  3. Arkansas
  4. Rutgers
  5. West Virginia
  6. Louisville
  7. Notre Dame
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Michigan
 Here’s my projection of whom we will play:
  1. Florida – If SEC Champion
  2. Notre Dame – If beats USC and we win big.
  3. USC – If beats Cal and Notre Dame
  4. Arkansas – If beats LSU and Florida
  5. Rutgers – If everyone else looses and OSU blows Michigan out.
  6. Michigan – If they loose a close one.
  7. West Virginia – If OSU blows Michigan out, they win out, and everyone beats everyone else.
  8. Louisville – no way
  9. Wisconsin – no way