Monthly Archives: December 2006

Glossy Laptop Screens

 This has been a peeve of mine for a few years now. Now if you go to the local Best Buy, MicroCenter, Circuit City, the only laptops they seem to carry are the ones with the glossy screens. But you can't see anything on them in daylight, in a well lit office, or coffee shop, so I don't understand why people are purchasing them. Right now I just purchased a new Dell 820 Latitude with the good old fashion, matte screen, it's AWESOME! The Toshiba I purchased a few months back, while a fine laptop, the screen is that glossy one.

If you are working with no light at night, get the glossy, but if you are planning on using your laptop any other time or setting, get the matte screen.

Basketball Wake-Up!

I guess after yesterday's defeat at the hands of Florida, the basketball team appears to have a long way to go. I just hope they learn from it so that come March they are ready. I just hope our football team beats them by more than the 26 points they beat our basketball team by.

Just a quick note.

I  am sitting here watching the OSU Basketball game tonight vs. Iowa State. The basketball season looks very exciting, sometimes when I watch I can not believe I am watching OSU… We will have a busy time over the next few days, dinners, trips, robot meetings, etc.

Over the next few days things are going to be very, very hectic, Merry Christmas from Emily, Castle & I.

Oh, a funny note: I keep getting people telling me I have a South African accent. Both Emily & I can't hear it, but we think it's funny…

Busy, Busy.

We have been busy. I have been working on my new application and have decided on a name change, something I with more branding potential. JustMyApp had too many general words and was less Web 2.0. I am still working on a new name, but most of the URLs are gone!

Also, I have been searching for news sites with just text and I could not find anything, well Drudge was the closest, but I wanted something I could print off 1 page and take with me to browse while I had some coffee, so I created it. is a site that utilizes RSS feeds to get the latest news and compress it into a a single page. No scrolling, no images, no sizzle, just news. It's perfect if you want a single page to take with you to the bathroom, for coffee, to a meeting to doodle on, etc. Though the site is basic right now I will add more features in the coming weeks/months.

We are also going to take our house (LeClerc) off the market next week. Then I will need to remove the breakfast bar, finish painting the basement, clean the garage, then hopefully in February, bring it back to get it sold.