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Football & Snow & Stuff

Well the Super Bowl is set. I am so glad that New England lost, not that I have anything against Boston, but it's like the Yankee's they are always there, and I never liked Tom Brady (from UM). I am sure I will be rooting for Indianapolis, no knock against Chicago, just Indy is closer.

Yesterday we had our first "real" snow of the season. I guess we had a little over 3 inches. The roads out in front of the house are fine, but we had to move the truck, I am thinking that someone is just going to run into the back of it one of these days.

In other news we think we have an idea for the basement, a Rustic Wine Cellar. (see to left) The nice thing: all we will need will be some paint and to do some clean-up, nothing fancy because the walls are already rustic/old, so it should work out well.

Working With Symfony…

I like PHP but as you know I don't care much for the so called “frameworks” out there. But why are they so popular? Heck my fellow APress friends have even published a book on Symfony, so it can't be that bad right?

CodeMash 2007 – Last Post of the Night.

Well, I spoked with more speakers tonight than I did during any of the sessions. There was a Very Cool After Hour Party thrown by Quick Solutions. I feel bad that I could not talk to so many cool people, but I met a few fellow APress Authors, which was very cool, a bunch of Microsoft evangelist, and finally a few old friends from “IT PAST”. We all seemed to think that Columbus is a VERY SMALL place for IT.

CodeMash 2007 – Enterprise Python Architecture

This was a basic Python overview. I was wishing for more grit, but given the demographic (Java/.Net) folks, this was probably just about right. I get the GIST that Python is really for people with or wanting Linux systems, that need or want to integrate and wrap a bunch of C/C++ APIs to/with their application. So if they are starting from scratch, I don't get the feel that it's the right language, but as a glue, it's PERFECT!

CodeMash 2007 – Dynamic Languages (Keynote #2)

This was a talk by Bruce Eckel, of MindView.Net. I found his presentation interesting, mostly it was a talk about Burning Man, with interlaced photos, the story he told about why dynamic languages are a natural part of software development was nice.

The slide that stuck with me the most was a book, Peopleware, that observed that the projects that are the most productive are the ones where the people have no schedules. This sounds interesting enough and think I will pick it up.

CodeMash 2007 – Ruby *

I have listened to 2 sessions thus far on Ruby, the first what makes Rails Possible, the second JRuby. Actually all talks today, except for the MySQL one, were talking about Ruby as a language. It's simplicity, it's elegance, what it does that Java, PHP, C#, do not.

CodeMash 2007 – Maximum Velocity with MySQL

This session went over-time. Actually we were only through about half of it before we had to leave. Shame, it was a cool talk, I could have stayed for another hour or so learning about MySQL optimization.

I learned a few things on benchmarking (Apache Bench), and the EXPLAIN keyword. A few other tricks related to horizontal partitioning and some performance tweaks that can be made from using the INNER JOIN, as opposed to sub queries.

As I said, I wish the talk was longer, I have a feeling the cool stuff was last…

Code Mash 2007 – Domain Specific Languages (KeyNote)

This keynote was by Neil Ford over at ThoughtWorks. I remember a few of his talks before over at No Fluff, Just Stuff (Java Conference). His talk was mainly about Domain Specific Languages (DSL).

While I have not heard the term or acronym before I have heard it by other names, Meta-Programming, Model Driven Architecture, Code Generation, etc., though his talk went deeper than some of those previously known topics.

Here’s a cool PDF he showing The History of Programming Languages (OReilly) . It shows all the languages through time in a nice graph.

CodeMash 2007 – First Impressions

I got here late, but the hotel is nice, there were just no late night restaurants open… So far this morning, the attendance is more than I expected, and I actually knew a few people from Columbus. In fact I have met 5 people, 3 of which I did not know were going to be here.

I will muddle through the sessions I attend and send notes, impressions, etc. about them.

The URL for the conference is

Technorati Profile link, just so I get to see someone shave his head…