Monthly Archives: June 2007

Truck Wo's

Well, I decided to drive the 1998 Chevy Truck on Friday to work. Guess what? The fuel pump stopped working, we had to call AAA, but by the time the driver got there to tow me back, it started and I was able to make it home. But now the truck is sitting in the driveway and I am either going to have to lift the bed, or drop the tank to get to and replace the fuel pump.

I had thought about junking the truck and getting a new one, but I really did not feel like spending $35,000 on the truck I wanted, and I still wanted to tinker with this truck (I found an option for the small block chevy engine — just keep emissions). So what did I do? I did not want to spend more than the $23,000 of my buyout of my Ford, and there's not much car you can buy for $23,000 and I was not about to sell the truck and loose money… So what to do?

No Small Block Chevy Engine…

I was really hoping to replace the 4.3L engine in my beater truck with a Small Block Chevy 350. I even went out and purchased an engine hoist, some books on the subject, and a few Jegs catalogs. But after hearing today about possible state-wide emmisions checks I looked into the Ohio law a bit tonight on the Internet.

It looks like, if I remove the engine from my car, and replace it with a bigger, badder engine, say a 330HP 350, I will be breaking the "anti-tampering" laws. These laws, in case you don't know what they are, prevent me from modifying my car from it's original configuration. It's all in an effort to make the air cleaner, which I agree with, I guess, but DAMN I am disappointed. I really want to do some stuff with my engine…

One and Done

I knew Greg would leave the Buckeyes this year, but I did not think Conely or Cook would leave. I thought Conely was the team MVP in the tourney with Greg in foul trouble and all but going to the NBA? That sucks, I will never watch them play another game (unless Cleveland makes it to the finals again and they are either playing for Cleveland or the other team).

Only 74 more days until football!!!

To Thine Own Self Be True…

I have met some nice people at TechColumbus, but I am left wondering about how they really want to help the tech community.

I went to them about 4 months ago to show them AppGin.Com (my application software product) because I needed some help with marketing and needed help with next steps etc. What I got was a complete slap in the face for a non-profit that I paid money because they advertised how they were helping companies just like me.

The reason I write this article today was because I read an article yesterday validating my application and business model over at TechCrunch about the Application Creation Space.

I think the second reason I am writing this article is because I was so dissapointed in the organization because there are a lot of one person start-ups out there with code and great ideas for stuff that get shot down by people that supposedly know what they are talking about. The only advice that I give for those that get shot down is check your facts, your market, the problem you are solving, if those numbers add up then trust yourself!

More Grandview Dealings…

As soon as we started our fence process a few months back we got a notice that our garage paint was peeling and we had to repair it. I find it odd that we get this now, when it was like this the entire year previous and when we purchased the house.

Additionally, we have a neighbor two doors down that put up a complete extension, a new garage, and the contractor has been making noise for about 6 months, and did we get notified via a letter or anything else? No. You see, we had to send a letter to 16 of our neighbors because we were replacing a fence.

The remodel of that house does not bug me, nor the notice, but it's the combination of everything and perceived unequal application of the law and the building code.


Truck & Lighting

This week-end I did nothing with a computer other than surf for truck parts. Re: the 1998 Chevy truck, I was able to fix the mirrors, replace the tail-lights and then when all was said and done the check-engine light came on.

So I went out and purchased a OBD II diagnostic computer. The readings said it was a P1870, which indicates a transmission slippage. I noticed it twice, which makes me think that it’s either loosing fluid or I am going to have to get a new transmission soon. I also noticed the fuel pump is starting to make a nice whine, so it looks like I will need to work on it as well. As a result I picked up some air tools (ratchet & impact wrench) at Home Depot on sale.

As to the lighting in the garage, I was able to install 7 single-lamp overhead lights and 1 fluorescent light over a “dead space”. I still don’t have the other circuits connected, and I still need to connect the outdoor flood light, but I am almost done with the lighting.

New (used) Truck

Well, I got a new (used) truck. Well it's a beater 1998 Chevy Silverado. I picked it up for $2,650 at Hatfield Used Cars for the business. I am hoping to use it to transport the robot, and maybe modify for some automated/robotic driving (experimental). It's red (like Ohio State) and it has no rust, except for a ding on the passenger side door.