Monthly Archives: July 2007

Poor Castle…

Our dog hurt his leg a few weeks ago and he was diagnosed with a floating knee-cap. This on dogs is a very sore condition that can cause arthritis and other long term conditions, so we decided to get an operation which was yesterday and $1,500 later. Advice to those that don't have pet health insurance, get it.

So he is sleeping now and will be in his cage for 8 weeks and have to wear a necklace (thing around neck to prevent biting leg) for about 10 days.

I got a new, new truck.

Well, shortly after getting a new fuel pump in the 1998 Chevy, the transmission started to go. Yes rough shifting and all that… So I decided I did not have the time this year to be replacing transmissions and all that, so I decided to trade it in on a new truck.

I tried the larger trucks, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, and F150, but all were just too big for what I needed and although I was not really looking at smaller trucks I went to visit on just down the road and was very surprised.

I saw a 2007 Toyota Tacoma Sport, Silver Extended Cab. I drove it and after some negotiation on the price of my trade in, I drove home with it that night. 1 week later I am happy.