Monthly Archives: December 2007

Really Impressed with Vodacom 3G card

I purchased this card so I could connect to the internet while I am down here in South Africa and I must say I am really impressed.

While I can only get a max download of about 800kbit/sec it's still fine for most things and I can always terminal server in for stuff requiring large downloads. But these days it's more than fast enough for SSH which I have started using more and more.

While you have to pay a lot for the USB card about $350 USD, the 1GB package which I have only used about 750MB cost about $90, which has lasted me the whole month of December.

Trying to Downgrade a Dell?

I had a request from a company here in South Africa to downgrade a new Dell Inspiron 1720. It was not able to find a hard disk during install but I found a nice article.

In BIOS, under OnBoard Devices:

  1. Modify the Flush Cache Module to say "Disabled"
  2. Modify the SATA Operation from "AHCI" to "ATA"
  3. Reboot with your XP CD.

SA… What day is it?

Well things have been going really nice here in SA. I have gotten over the jetlag and even getting a little work done on my Robotics talk at CodeMash. We met a few friends, did some walking at a dog park, had some sushi, went to dinner and I even saw Pauls work.

What Paul works it's really cool. It's a large building with open middle spaces and a bunch of companies all sharing the space. Marketing is easy because you are just down the hall from potential clients.

Went to Moyo last night had some drinks with friends even met a girl from LA who was born in Columbus.

Heading out to a game lodge this afternoon and will pick up Ron & Sophia on Sunday.

South Africa Days 4-5

The party was a hoot. It lasted until dawn, but only 4:30 for us. This of course is making getting over jet lag a little tougher that I thought. Yesterday we went to see Michelle & Bruce's place. They just got done renovating it and it looks great. (No Pics)

Today we are going to see the Cradle of Humankind about an hour drive from here. We are going with Paul & Maggie and it should be a nice day. Hopefully the weather will be dry and warm.

In other news, we got our bag. It looks like Delta left it in Columbus and it never made it's way to New York.

In South Africa – Days 1-3

Things are going fast. It's already Friday and I still have jet lag. To top it off, South Africa Airlines / Delta has lost one of our bags. Good thing we had it insured. I hope the claim process goes well.

We are having a party tonight, Wigs & White T-Shirts. I have my mullet, but emm's wig is in the missing bag.

We saw the folks last night and had dinner at a nice Italian restaraunt. I had a mexican pizza… mmm…

Thanks Mom & Adam

Thanks for watching the house & castle while we are away. Well we are off, to South Africa. Right now we are sitting in the airport at Columbus, still an hour or so before we board the plane. All is going well excect my iPod suddenly decided it was going to loose a full charge and then not charge up. So it looks like I might be soundless/gamesles on my trip.

Emms is reading her book and I am just typing away on my laptop. Castle missed us this morning but he should be fine as soon as Adam or my mom gets there.. By then he will forget we left and want a treat or a W.A.L.K.

We should be arriving in JoBurg tomorrow about 10:30am EST (5:30pm SAST), then most likely we will be swept off to Annes for drinks and a shower. I will update this thread in JFK if there's free WI-FI, otherwise I will have to wait until I am in JoBurg.


Time to Downgrade…

I had enough…. of Vista…. I was trying to get my webcamera to work and it was just too much effort. Combined with the rest of the Vista crap, I decided to move back to XP Pro.