Monthly Archives: April 2008

Web 4.0

As much as I like Web 2.0 I am realizing how much noise exist. I mean twitter, Google Reader (so many feeds), all the blogs, podcast, software to try and download, etc. etc. etc.

I wonder about how all of this noise will be filtered, what will result? I think with social networks and so many micro-communities, instead of having a society more connected, you actually have one that’s more segmented, i.e. MySpace people don’t talk to Facebook people, or Twitter people only talk to those on Twitter and no one else. I was thinking about this while listening to the TWIT (This Week In Tech) PodCast and they were talking about this in reference to journalism and news, but I think it will expand into other areas.

In the end there will have to be a new type of tool required to sift and filter through the information overload. It will be a tool that not only filters your news and post that you read though syndication (RSS) or your news aggregators, but it also is aware of your computer problems, and actively searches for information or software to fix those problems. The same thing also recommends what kinds of services exist for people like you with similar interest and communication preferences… My thought is this will be close to what Web 4.0 looks like…

What To Do With Spare Storage?

I had this idea, I have all these computers each with extra un-used storage space, an extra 100GB here, an extra 200GB there, but for what? just sitting around doing nothing, now if I want a network attached storage guess what? I need to purchase one and now I have that plus my spare 100 and 200 GB storage not being used.

What if I could virtualize the spare 100GB and the spare 200GB into either a 300GB stripped set or a 100GB mirroed partition and a 100GB regular partition? Now that would be cool.

I just found this link on Distributed File Systems

iPod Aweful on Windows XP

I don’t really listen to my iPod anymore. Why? Because it will not sync. I can’t sync, it won’t recognize my iPod then when I try to sync it tells me

“the ipod cannot be synced the required file cannot be found”

So, what to do, buy a new one, or take it in to get fixed? ‘l’ll scrap iTunes and see what other software I can use.