Monthly Archives: May 2008

Hybrid or Used Car?

I’ve been saying it for years, it’s all about the law of convervation of engery:

Energy It Takes To Build Prius
113,000 BTUs

113,000 BTUs In Gasoline

1,000 gallons

Distance Driven to Break Even For Build Cost

46,000 miles

Time Needed For Average Driver to Hit 46,000 Miles

Over 3 Years

Distance Driven to Break Even with 1998 Toyota Tercel*

100,000 miles

Time Needed For Average Driver to Hit 100,000 Miles

Over 7 Years

Rebuild Conundrum – XP, Vista, or Linux

After some time you have installed enough software on your PC that XP is just no longer able to run or boot fast like you remember when you originally installed it. This is known as the rebuild conundrum. You are faced with reinstallation of all your software in exchange for a faster more stream-lined pc, in exchange for things not working like they use to.

The problem I have is which operating system. Vista, which I have nothing but problems with, XP, which I also have tons of problems with but is the best so far is being discontinued, and Linux, which is not as usable as I would like seems to be the current favorite, and OSX, well I am stuck with hardware I can’t do anything with…

Enter VMWare. I can install whatever OS I want on VMWare then transfer the OS if I like it or not via a file transfer. I can install XP, Vista, or Linux (Ubuntu or Fedora), and use them all from the same machine. But then I have several machines and the context switching (i.e. using this machine for this task, and that machine for that task, it’s too much.)

I don’t know what to do, I’m at a loose loose point, and to top it off my iPod will not be recognized via my current Computer with all my music.

Google Reader Overload in 2 Days!

I have been busy the last few days and have noticed that my google reader inbox has gotten very large, over 300 items I now need to catch-up on. I am really thinking that I need a better way to filter this news…. Hmm…. Maybe another idea….