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South Africa Day 12 – Back to Cape Town

We almost missed our flight because our original was canceled and we were re-booked on British Airways. The flight had more room than our original Kolula flight, but the attendants parked that trolley right next our seat. I ended up with an A$$ in my face and side for 50% of the 2 hour flight and I was quite upset by the end of it.

We got back to Cape Town and had a small Braai. I also called my mom to help her work out some issues with the DirecTV, and Internet connection.

South Africa Day 11 – Hang Over & Lunch With Stuart

Emily was up early for a hair appointment. She had her old stylist give her a trim and color her hair. What a nice job! Her hair looks like it did when we first met 5+ years ago, I need to get a lot of photo’s of this so the stylist back home can duplicate it. We also had lunch with our friend Stuart, and he is doing very well.

The evening was spent at a dinner party, but because of the previous night, I stuck to some red wine and ended up watching ESPN Sports Center.

South Africa Day 9 – Rain but no snow…

Well it continues to rain in Jo-Burg. But it’s great relaxation/sleeping weather. If it wasn’t for the happy gardener we would have slept at least until 10:30 today, but no, it was time to do gardening in the rain at 8AM.

Nothing really to talk about today, I think today I will spend reading and then looking at some of the analytics reports from all my blog post. I have found the results very surprising and revealing at the same time.

Oh, I am upset I can’t use my American Express. It seems that 50% of the stores over here for some reason or another require a PIN to use the Amex, or it’s their way of saying that they don’t want me to use the card. What’s strange is they have it on their doors, but when I go to pay, what’s your PIN? I say what PIN? They then say I can’t use the card…

We are going to lunch again in a few… I wish everyone in Columbus well. It looks like we missed one heck of a storm.

South Africa Day 10 – Lunch to 4AM

Today started off like the previous two, up late, then off to an afternoon lunch. But this lunch was a little different. Rather than having a beer I thought I would try the local margarita or a mojito. Not much to say other than lunch became dinner, dinner became evening, evening became late night at a local bar called the Jolly Roger.

I actually saw a girl with a University of Pink, shirt, a well known Victoria’s Secret Brand, and because you don’t get Victoria’s Secret in South Africa, I was able to start a nice conversation with her that Angelique’s brother was more than happy to continue with.

This night ended around 4:00AM with me trying to get Skype to work under Vista. No luck in hearing anything.

South Africa Day 8 – Rain, Rain, Rain

From what I see on the remote cameras at the house, we have ice in Columbus. Everyone Drive Safe!!!

Here we have rain and lots of it. It’s actually nice to wake up in the morning with a cool breeze and thunder storms, it makes for a lazy, lazy day. I think we are going to lunch in a few minutes and I am busy catching up on all my blog entries. This is a true example of Parkinson’s Law, work expands to fill the time available.

One thing we have noticed is how soft the water is here and how nice the pressure is. This has us already thinking of a water softener and a new (higher pressure) line to the house.

One Project – A Robot Building DVD

I think that this year I am going to try and limit myself to one project at a time, rather than starting three or four and doing them all partially and then getting frustrated at the results.

The whole multi-tasking concept is dead for now. My thinking today is that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well with focus. I use to think that doing more was being more productive, but as I look back, I did more things, but was not more productive, I was just busier, and more stressed.

Currently I am going to do some market research in a Robot Building DVD. The initial concept is to have a how-to DVD and manual that would allow for someone to with a short supply list acquired from the local hobby shop or online robotics shop, to build a robot that does something cool. It’s just an introduction, but I find in all of my robot meetings, there’s a lot of people interested in robotics, but very few have robots to bring in and most just have a desire to learn about robotics.

South Africa Day 7 – Plane Ride to JoBurg

Today we went to see our friends, Angelique and Stuart. We have not called Stu yet but hope to see him later in the week. The plane ride was fine, I started reading a book by Clive Cussler called Iceberg.

One thing I did not realized that Clive actually does salvage ships for an agency called NUMA. Very cool, perhaps I should start writing books about some computer hacker that goes on covert missions for the FBI and such… Hmmm…

After we arrived we went to some wish a friend a happy birthday, out to eat, then to the stoep for some red wine. I must say we went to bed a lot earlier than the last time we arrived on Angelique’s stoep. A year ago we made it to bed around 4:30AM, 5:00AM.

South Africa Day 6 – Beach & Drive In To Cape Town

This was the first real day of getting out and about. We walked around the overcast beach all the way down to the town circle, then walked back. Some people were out swimming and some were fishing, but mostly just beach walkers.

In town we drove over to see Magda’s Work, Wicked Pixels, they are an animation studio. It’s actually inside the old Castle Lager beer building in downtown. After that we headed over the WaterFront, a nice mall along the docks. Frikkie and I headed over the a place called Quay Four, pronounced “Key Four� for 4 or 5 beers or so, I can’t really remember…

Then Magda took us over to a place called Royale Cafe, they specialized in hamburgers, big ones, small ones, double ones, triple ones.

South Africa Day 5 – Home Made Pizza

Today was a lazy Sunday, we just lounged around and then made some homemade pizzas in a wood fired pizza oven. I have had to give up the crown of the best pizza maker, last year I did not show well, and this year’s was a total flop. I will attribute it to different ingredients (you can’t get pepperoni here) and a little too much sauce.

I also managed to catch-up on Facebook a little, chat with some friends and see another 4 inches of snow falling back home.

DVD Review – John Adams

I have just seen Episodes 1 & 2 and what an excellent series. I think that it adds to another mini series released last year by the History Channel, call “The Revolution“.

Episode 1 – Details the trial of British troops where John Adams provides a successful defense. It also lays some of the seeds of discontent in Boston.

Episode 2 – Details some of the important moments of the Continental Congress, like creating a continental army and drafting the Declaration of Independence.

I will summarize the remaining episodes as I get a chance to watch…