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The 2010 Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. Oregon

OSU Offense vs. Oregon Defense

Ohio State does not have a good offense. They have consistently ranked at the bottom of the national scene for the past 3-4 years. That being said they should at least be able to score 17 points on Oregon. Advantage Oregon.

OSU Defense vs. Oregon Offense

Ohio State has always had a good defense; over the past few years the D-Line has not been able to contain a faster more imaginative offensive game plan. This year they should be able to get more pressure and force an interception or two. Advantage OSU.


Ohio State’s been off for a long time, if they don’t stop Oregon early, it could get out of hand. Ohio State needs to keep Oregon to 14 points by half-time.

Prediction #1 – Jim Tressel Gets Imaginative

To everyone’s surprise, it’s not the same Ohio State Team. OSU is able to score throughout the game and their defense is able to hold Oregon to under 24 points. Ohio State wins, 31-27.

Prediction #2 – Same OSU Bowl Outcome

OSU will score first. But be too slow to react to a great game plan. The offense will just putter and the game will be out of hand by half-time. Oregon wins, 45-13.

Top 25 Software Round-Up 2009

I would like to thank the following software & services for 2009. (in no particular order)

  1. Eclipse – All my coding: Java, PHP, Ruby, Groovy. I use this tool just about every single day and can’t imaging a day without it. (unless I’m not coding)
  2. Notepad++ – All the rest of my coding and general text editing.
  3. AVG Free – don’t waste time with paid anti-virus software.
  4. Apache – the best web server out there.
  5. MySQL – the best database server out there.
  6. Firefox & Extensions (Web Developer Toolbar & Foxyproxy)
  7. Putty - with all the work I’m doing with linux/unix you just can’t beat this tool. Port forwarding is a huge bonus.
  8. Launchy – this has saved me countless hours searching for icons and using my mouse.
  9. Virtual Clone Drive – No more need for buring CDs. With this I just create an ISO and file it away on my network storage.
  10. Tortoise SVN & SVN Server – Converted from CVS this year. Finally!
  11. UBUNTU 8.04.3 LTS Server – My entire server farm is running this OS.
  12. VMWare Player 3.x – For virtual machines, now I can run linux on Windows7, without modifying xorg.conf.
  13. Picasa - All my photo organization.
  14. Aqua Data – Great for accessing and querying databases.
  15. iPhone & ITunes – Apps, even though the AT&T Network sucks.
  16. CCleaner – Removing crap from my windows system. Mainly clearing cookies and other privacy related info.
  17. TeraCopy - A nice tool for copying files (faster than Windows Explorer).
  18. Windows7 – Finally a chance to get rid of Vista.
  19. Google Services – Search, gmail, services, calendar, analytics, reader, etc.
  20. Webmin – Allowing web based administration to my server farm.
  21. PowerVPS – A great solution moving my reseller account off a shared box.
  22. 7-Zip – No need to purchase zip software.
  23. Skype – great for calls to the family in South Africa.
  24. Filezilla – how else would I get all my files to my servers?
  25. Adobe Photoshop & Preiere Elements – I use both of these tools for both image and video editing.

Book Review – The 4-Hour Workweek, Expanded and Updated

First please refer to my previous review on the first book here.

On to the newer content…I purchased this book because I was going to re-read this book. It seems like a good thing to do for the new year (reset and plan) it's also time for some much needed vacation.

  • Would I recommend the book? – Yes, it's only $11-$12 and if you can tell from my first review, the content is worth it.
  • What's updated? – Well if you have been to the four hour blog website, there's some additional content from that site. It also has some updated links and tools for how to do certain things. As far as the content is concerned, not much has changed.

Eclipse PermGen Space Out Of Memory Errors

I thought I would make a quick post on this as it's been plauging me for some time. To fix this problem I opened my eclipse.ini and pasted the following:



I also made some adjustments to the VMARGS.


Update (12/21/2009)

The launcher in Eclipse is rather tricky. You need to make sure your .exe is named eclipse.exe. You should also launch from the directory or via batch file with the following contents.

cd C:\Programs\Eclipse\java
start eclipse.exe

The reason for this is because the eclipse launcher uses the name of the exe to read the .ini. The launcher also is not able to find the .ini if you use it from a shortcut or a launcher like Launchy.

Hope this helps fix any problems!!!