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Florida Trip – Part 1

The drive down was interesting. We had to leave a day later than expected because of a snow storm in Columbus, and during the trip we encountered a detour because of a rock slide and a snow storm in South Carolina.

Night 1 – Gatlinburg, Tennessee


This was an interesting place. I actually had no idea that it was such an active little place, kind of like a cross between Boulder Colorado and Orlando. I would not mind spending a week-end here at some point in the future.

Night 2 – Savannah, Georgia

Snow in South Carolina
Snow in South Carolina

The drive in was a real POA. From Tennessee to South Carolina on I-40, we encountered a detour because of a rock slide. We did not realize this but thanks to my Verizon Air Card I was able to Google the detour and we managed to take the Dixie Highway down to I26 and onward to South Carolina.

While traveling through this state we now found ourselves outrunning a freak snow storm, yes a snow storm. This was exactly the reason we did not want to drive on Wednesday.

So when we finally made it to Savannah, the hotel was very understaffed and I waited about 30 minutes to check-in. I was in a terrible mood, but we made it to the room in time for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Days 3-5 – Casey Key, Florida

Scott, Emily and Lilu
Scott, Emily and Lilu

The drive down was great. It was in the 50′s and sunny. I was thinking to myself, wouldn’t it be nice if we had weather like this all the time.

The beach house is nice and the ocean is great. It’s been a little cool, but it’s sunny and not 12+ inches of snow like it is back home in Columbus.

We have just been relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

It’s about the Individual, not The Team!

I am so tired of late hearing about how it takes great teams to succeed. Whether it’s software development, starting a business, or football, the dogma is the same: “It takes a great team to win!”. That’s baloney!

The one thing that’s often overlooked by the people preaching this non-sense is Pareto’s Law (80-20 Rule). Which states that 80% of the results, comes from 20% of the effort. The numbers are often skued even higher 90-10, 95-5, but the general rule is that in no matter what system you have, the vast majority of the results come from a VITAL FEW.

Maybe the people preaching this are there to make others feel good, or they are selling something, because after-all, 80% of the people that contribute the least to things want to feel important.

Scott’s Bots – Back to custom code.

I enjoy WordPress for ScottPreston.Com, but for Scott’s Bots.Com, I’ve decided to go with my own custom version of the web site.

The reason is that I wanted to do too many things with the site and was forced to look for so many so-so plug-ins. So rather than do that I just coded what I needed and so far so good, it actually give’s me some practice with my PHP skills, which I enjoy.