Monthly Archives: May 2011

New Book – Robotics Programming 101

I have self published my first book Robotics Programming 101.  For this book I used CreateSpace for the soft cover and Kindle Direct Publishing for the Kindle version.

All in all it was a good experience. I had more issues with formatting than I did writing the actual code and copy for the book. I was able to hire an editor and illustrator on oDesk to help with editing and cover art.

Now hopefully I can just sell a few issues to pay for the production cost!

Goodbye Tressel

I had actually saw this coming, back in December of 2010 when things first broke. While what I heard was just a rumor, it seemed to have legs.

I wish Fickell well in his first season and think that the players that the coach lost his career for work at a carwash next year instead of the NFL.

Photoshop Fonts Too Big?

I was struggling with this for a week. My 12px fonts were stuck at a DPI of 300 and I had no way to adjust them.

I also had an older copy of Photoshop Elements 6, so my options I thought were limited. I even re-installed Photoshop but that did not succeed, how did I finally fix this problem?

I went to my Library/Preferences and deleted all things Adobe Photoshop Elements. I restarted Photoshop and the fonts went back to normal size. I’m not sure what file in the preferences were corrupt, but that should fix your problem.