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City Rankings

In looking for cities to possibly relocate to a new city we were constantly looking at city rankings. One of the rankings we looked at was Please explain this:

  • Raleigh, NC – 2010 Rank #10
  • Raleigh, NC – 2011 Rank #57
  • Columbus, OH – 2010 Rank #61
  • Columbus, OH – 2010 Rank #22

So what’s changed in a year? Well, in Columbus, OH, not a whole lot. My guess in Raleigh, NC? Not much either.

I’ve seen rankings like this fluctuate for EVERY place that I looked at rankings.

Advice: If you’re planning to move to a place IGNORE THE CITY RANKINGS. Rather take a visit, find someplace that feels right and you can afford.

Build Your Own PHP Framework – Book Announcement!

There’s almost a hundred different PHP frameworks out there. Some are big some, are small. All of them do about 80% of what you need the way you want it, but the 20% that’s not usually takes you the most time/effort/money.

This book shows you how to build your own PHP Framework using a PHP Framework template called GinPHP.

Visit the website to learn more


Pioneers vs. Settlers

I was watching an episode of Shark Tank the other night when I heard something that’s been sticking with me: “…pioneers get slaughtered while settlers prosper…”. The quote was from Daymond John, billionaire VC guest on the show.

I think that it’s a really keen observation when looking at most products that succeed in the end. Word was not the first word processor; Google was not the first search engine; Facebook was not the first social network.

As a pioneer most of my business life I relate to this A LOT. I created new products, new products that had never been created and business problems that have not been solved.

I think the lesson here is unless you have a Trust Fund, develop something slightly different to be new, but learn from the mistakes of others and become a settler right after the pioneer spends his time and money paving the way solving the stuff requiring lots of time and money… Something which you might not have…

I Created A Book Page!

I decided to create a separate page for my books because I’ve started thinking about expanding the kinds of books I’m writing to include more than just books about robotics.

Currently the books you will find on this page are just my robotics books, which have more detail at my Scott’sBots website, in the near future I’ll have a few more.

Stay Tuned!