Monthly Archives: February 2012

Amazon & Google Statistics

I’ve been analyzing results from both Amazon & Google click throughs with my own stats tracking software PageFoo, and the results are interesting.

  1. Amazon is not that accurate when compared to Apache Logs & my own stat software. It usually errors on the low side.
  2. Google is a little worse when compared to both Apache Logs & my own stat software. Again, erring on the low side.

This makes me wonder the accuracy of reporting and conversion on low traffic blogs & websites trying to make money through Amazon Affiliates, or WebSense.

If you have the same problem comment on this thread.


Installing Twitter’s Bootstrap on OSX

I recently came across bootstrap, an HTML framework from Twitter. In the process, I cam across some more tools by twitter, less.js (which allows for dynamic creation of CSS), and Uglify (which allows for minifying js).

Here’s a short list to install these:

  1. Install Node Package Manager from
  2. Install Less.js via ‘git clone git://’
  3. Go to the less.js directory, type: ‘make’.
  4. Copy the install directory to /usr/local/less.js
  5. Add /usr/local/less.js/bin to $PATH
  6. Install uglify-js via ‘npm install uglify-js -g’
  7. Install Bootstrap ‘git clone git://’
  8. Go to the bootstrap directory, type: ‘make’.

If I get a chance I’d like to talk more about Less.js, and Mustache.

Bitter Customers

I think it’s really sad when a business has to experience a bitter person or worse a bitter customer. There’s nothing the business can do to make this person happy that person is just mean and miserable for no fault of the business.

If that business has un-informed or reactive management then the employee on the receiving end of that unhappy person might get counseled about how to be a better employee or how to improve their people skills when probably the exact opposite is true.

I think the same is true with online and customer reviews. If you happen to be a business just starting out and you happen upon these kinds of “customers” at the beginning of your business you might in trouble because you’re never going to sell to the silent majority of people that might actually enjoy what product or service you’re offering.

Not really sure how to handle these kinds of people in general, just hope you are doing things to attract people on the other end of the curve to cancel them out.