Monthly Archives: November 2012

100 Monkeys & Predicting The Future

The Story: You’ve got a 100 monkeys flipping coins. Eventually after 10 tries there’s a single monkey left that managed to flip it 10 times in a row heads…

Same Story: All 100 monkeys have a theory that use that use to predict coin flips. All but 1 monkey was successful 10 times and is 100% accurate.

Same Story: I can predict the future of the middle east, the economy or the weather because I’ve done so in the past with my theories.

If you look at this you realize how susceptible we all are to people that promise us they can predict the future. I suspect that science combined with clever statistics or even complicated mathematics is now the new bones, tarot cards, or crystal balls.

Isn’t it funny how we haven’t changed all that much?